Private Drum Lessons
I offer one-to-one drum tuition at my studio in Sidcup
after having private lessons myself for a number of years and playing professionally around the UK you will learn all of the essential skills needed to work towards becoming a professional in the music industry, or just take on a new hobby!

Over the years I have gained a lot of studio and touring experience as a drummer. I have worked with artists at studios and venues from all over the world and currently teach and tutor students from all ages covering all levels of drumming from new starters, to basic knowledge through to intermediate.

Performing Live


I have an immense amount of experience playing live around the UK and Europe with various bands and artists from all types of musical backgrounds, so I am able to take on any type of job. Performing live is one of the most exhilarating feelings you can experience as a musician, and I pride myself on seeing my students express themselves and show how much they have progressed when they are ready to play to a live audience.

I have played multiple festivals, concerts, pub nights, club settings, outdoor and indoor stages of all kinds and sizes, so if the student wish is to eventually play live in a band setting I will of course cover that and all planning and any problems which may arise when preparing to play a live show.

Stage Setup
Stage in Lights
Studio Experience
In my lessons I will also cover studio playing and recording live on record, or with sampled drums. I have extensive studio experience and will also help with performing to backing tracks and playing along to a metronome which is very under looked in modern playing, but is an essential tool and will improve your technique and shorten the time it takes to learn a particular drum part immensely.
I am also in contact with multiple studios in the local area and all over the UK so I am able to suggest a variety of different places if the student is part of a band and is looking to record.